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06 February 2012 г.

The brave wild cock - 3

The third part of the film is on our site. See now


30 January 2012 г.

the brave wild cock

GUP UR "Udmurtohota" publishes a new movie about one brave wild cock, whom the hunters met on the spring hunting!


26 December 2011 г.

New Videos

We added the new videos about elck hunting during the rut and proved the quality of other films...


14 October 2011 г.

hunt results 2011. Elck hunting during the rut.

Elck hunting during the rut was held from 1 till 30 September. On our Web-site you can find statistics of european elck shooting 2011 in  chases of "Udmurtohota", fotos with trophies and reference of our guests... 


26 August 2011 г.

Wild boar hunting - 2011

Succesful wild boar hunting in Udmurt Republic 2011...


28 January 2011 г.

The new films about the hunt

In our web-site the new movies about hunting during the rut watch and battue on elck watch