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About company

The company "Udmurtohota" was founded in 1993. It consists of 4 shoots with the total area of 420000 hectares ("Kurchumskij" shoot in Malaja Purga region, "Vjatsij Bereg" in Kisner region, "Zeljony Bor" in Igra region).

The high number of the hunting animals as well as the presence of the comfortable hunting bases supplied with all the facilities for living and having rest provide you with all the conditions for successful hunting for an European elk, wild boar, bear, including pine-forest and field game as well as waterfowl hunting.

The main spheres of the company`s work:

1) Protection, reproduction and use of the hunting animals.
2) Organization of the hunting tours for the Russian and foreign citizens (all the services are certified)
3) Preparation and realization of the wild animals` furs.
4) Scientific researches on the studying of the wild boar`s population at the territory of Udmurtia, including live-hunting, marking of the animals and delivery for the settling into other regions of the Russian Federation.
5) Game-breeding (pheasants, partridge ).